Why having a new year’s resolution is important.


Photo Via: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-stick-your-failed-new-years-resolutions-tyler-gray. Under the Creative Commons License.

Rose Pena, Editor

For the New Year, you should focus on the positive aspects of life and the new year so your mindset can positively affect you and how you do things.

In my opinion, having a new years resolution is important because it can help you have a reason to work hard and to try out new things in the new year. It is nice to welcome new experiences and new places.

My new year’s resolutions are to explore new places, travel the world, start going outside more, and find new hobbies to keep me occupied. 

Here are some resolutions from WMS students:

Tommy Oatman: To do his work to the fullest.

Gabby Tortoriello: Be a better person.

Anjele Alston: Keep grinding in basketball.

Brianna Lujan: Focus on school.