Warriors, do you prefer cats or dogs?


Photo via https://wilderness-society.org/nature-does-not-need-us-we-need-nature/ under the Creative Common License.

Avery Carlson, Author

I asked 6 people if they liked cats or dogs more. 33% of those people said cats and the rest said dogs. Olivia Slicner stated that she likes cats more because they are easier to take care of and they don’t take a lot of work. Paityn Cardona said, “I like dogs more because they won’t scratch me.” 

Jillian Perelta told me that she thinks dogs are better than cats because they don’t have a litter box and they won’t run away as much as cats do. Kaylee Arismendi stated that she thinks cats are cuter.

“Dogs are more loyal  and they’re very active,” Olivia Pisapia said. Isabella Guerriero also said that dogs were better because they are way more playful.