WMS Boys Basketball promotes a prominant start to their season


Munch Lukachyk

GO WARRIORS. Boys basketball talking it over during a time out.

Thomas Oatman and Munch Lukachyk

WMS shows grit as they powerhouse through FMS and CMS. As many people might know former head coach, Coach Guidetti found a high school coaching job at Metuchen, leaving a lot of speculation. Can the new coach, Coach Salinas fill the shoes of his predecessor?

After the dominant first game the Warrior’s head coach, Coach Salinas said, “The game went well my boys showed a lot of grit and determination.” He wants to include small things like “talking on defense and learning not to get down after a tough play” Also, Coach Salinas thinks they can make a run for the championship.

7th-grade point guard Jack Koby thinks “the game yesterday was good because the team played hard and had good defense.” Koby believes the team is going to make a spin in the playoffs. He said, “This is because they have a lot of team chemistry and a lot of talent.”

Idris Brooks, an 8th grader in WMS, also a center on the team said, “The game went well because the players on the team were all playing well and scoring.” He also said the “team chemistry was good but could be better.” He also said, “he could have done better scoring.” Brooks believes the team is going to make it deep in the postseason because they have a good coach and a good bunch of players.