Are you a sneakerhead? Do you like to try out new styles of sneakers?

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Anjele Alston, Author

What most people think about foam runners- the Foam Runner cushion feels noticeably softer and more comfortable underfoot. Also, the height from the foot to the ground is average. Wearing these does not feel like standing atop a platform. A lot of people think foam runners are ugly but others think it’s stylish.

What opinions on foam runners at Wms-8th grader Mya Acosta said her thoughts on foam runners are they “look good on the feet but they get uncomfortable after a while.”

Gloribel Marte said, “they look like alien shoes but they are comfortable on the feet.”

Janiyah Young said they are “nice and look good on feet, they are comfortable and they come in a lot of cool colors.”

Would I buy it?- I already have a pair and I think they are very comfortable. All around the shoe, it has a soft cushion that molds to your foot. I like how They have a lot of color waves for this shoe. It’s a very unique shoe and a lot of people dont like how it looks so when you wear it you pop out