Movie Rankings: Disney

Photo via under Creative Commons License

Photo via under Creative Commons License

Giuliana Traschetti, Author

Sandlot- The Sandlot has been one of my favorite movies since I was little. I have grown up watching it and always loved it. It is about this boy who moves to a new neighborhood and plays baseball with a new group of friends. Overall this movie is a classic and is a great movie. 

  Parent Trap– Parent Trap is another one of my favorite movies. It is about two girls who went to summer camp and found out their twins so they switch places so they can meet their mom or dad. 

Ratatouille– This movie is perfection, in my opinion it is one of the best movies by Disney.  It is about a rat going to Paris and becoming a cook. He becomes a very good cook but he is not seen, he is in someone’s hair controlling them. 

Moana-  This movie is very good, it is about a girl getting chosen by the ocean. She goes on a journey to store the heart of Te Fiti with Maui.