Anxiety Tip #1: Distractions

Photo via under the Creative Commons License

Sam Morel, Editor

When I have an anxiety attack I tend to scratch the back of my neck in three’s. It’s something I’ve always done and it always seems to calm me down. When you see yourself in this type of situation try finding something that you can do repeatedly in a pattern; maybe it’s reassuring yourself, telling yourself everything is going to be okay, or taking deep breaths. Small things like this seem stupid but at the moment all you need is a distraction. Distractions will help take your focus away on how badly you feel at the moment; it will calm you down. So, the next time you see yourself in an anxiety attack, take a deep breath, and find something that will distract you. Although, I need you to understand that every anxiety attack is different and the level of anxiety you’re having for each one is not the same. Not everything that works for me, works for you. So, if you’re in an anxiety attack and this doesn’t work, don’t put yourself down, saying that you’re going to have this forever. Everyone is different, and we are on this journey together.