Hot take Tommy #1 Fifa World Cup

Photo via https://www.carl under the Creative Common License

Thomas Oatman, Author

The Fifa world cup is in full swing today with games being played all throughout the week.

I think the host nation, Qatar, was not a good fit for the world’s most-watched tournament. 

For starters, I’m not sure you would want to play in 80-90 degree weather either, with some concerns about the health risks involving heat stroke, and dehydration. 

Some teams also protested the labor conditions in which workers were put through in order to make this tournament happen. Italy, who was looking like they had a solid squad going into Qatar, ultimately dropped out altogether in protest for human rights.

As it looks now England, Brazil, Argentina and France are the favorites to win the whole tournament; I wouldn’t count out some underdogs like Team USA, Portugal, and  Netherlands.