How do Lil tjays fans feel about his new album


LISTEN TO THIS! 8th grade WMS student Mikey Reyes listens to hit Lil tray album “Destined 2 win”

Johndel Castillo, Editor

Lil Tjay is a famous artist from the Bronx who has gone through hard times but is now at the top of the rap game. One of his most viral songs is “calling my phone” from his album “Destined 2 win”. 

Lil tjay is an important artist to me because if i’m ever going through things his music calms me down and helps me through stuff. Lots of people have mixed opinions on Lil tjay, some think he’s a great artist and some think he’s a bad artist. 

Most of the comments on his videos are positive; he has a strong fan group that shows him lots of love and support. In Lil tjay newest album he talks about things that happened to him in his old relationships that make him have trust issues.

Here are some quotes from WMS students about the new album and Lil tjay:

Mikey Reyes: “I think Lil tjay is a good artist because he puts lots of meaning and effort into his music.”

Jahlil Taylor: “Lil tjay is a special artist because he’s gone through hard times but never gave up on his dream.

Hogan Boyed: “Lil tjay is different from other rappers because he’s only been rapping for about 2 years and is already one of the best rappers.”

I think his new album is one of his best albums he’s dropped because he speaks about things I can relate to and it reminds me that things can get better. Most of WMS have the same opinions on  Lil tjay. Students in WMS think Lil tjay is inspirational and a lyrical artist.

Lil tjay has a concert coming up on December 29 In New Jersey he will be performing his old songs and his new songs. Lil tjay is also having a meet and greet after the concert which is about 200$.