Short attention spans and what causes it

TJ, Author

If you are reading this, then there’s a good chance you have a short attention span. It is probably because modern society is filled with notifications, posts, and search results to catch your attention. This is incentivised by capitalism and the vast amount of ads and thumbnails online. 

The main problem with short, clipped content is that it rewires your brian to change focus rapidly. You won’t be able to stay on a subject for more than the length of a Tik Tok without your mind wandering. This will make it harder to do schoolwork, complete daily tasks, you may miss important details, communication, and have difficulties in relationships. The worst side effect is poor health due to an inability to practice healthy habits. 

Even though the situation looks dire, there are strategies we can do to improve our attention spans. The main factor is avoiding Tiktoks and short form content. It’s the main culprit of destroying how long people can pay attention. Watch long-form content, Read books and watch long-form content like movies. Avoid movies made after the 2010’s because movies are just cash grabs now. Also turn off notifications so you won’t get distracted by them. Meditation may help as well.