Today’s Cooking recipe: Beef fillet steak

Photo via under the Creative Commons LIcense

Cooking the steak;


                               1 Raw piece of steak

                               The herb “Thyme”

                               Freshly ground pepper


                               Garlic powder

                               Baking pan


        First start with the main piece of the dish, the steak. The steak should be seasoned properly before being placed in the oven, you want to season both sides and the sides of the steak. You want to get every last piece of the steak seasoned so it can be flavorful when you take your first bite of this delicious meal. Start with the garlic powder it will stick to the steak and hold onto the other seasonings so you get the taste your looking for add a lot of it on every side of the steak not too much that it starts making a small hill on the piece of meat, then add a small amount of salt on every side of the steak, next do the same with the pepper. This is optional but if you want to add more flavor to the steak finish it off with “Thyme” stick one herb in the middle of the steak and you should be finished with the seasoning. You want to let the steak marinate for about 10 minutes so the seasoning can sit on the steak. Preheat the oven to 450 Degrees and add the steak to the oven. Depending on the size of your steak is how long the steak should cook, smaller steaks – 10 to 15 mins, medium steak – 20 to 25 mins, and large steaks – 30 to 35 mins. Take your steak out, slice it and check if it’s properly cooked (it should have a dark red and brown color, it shouldn’t be pink or light red or bleed so much), and if it is take a bite and enjoy!