School lunch: is there enough?


Adrian Martes

IS THERE ENOUGH? Photo of the lunch menu.

Adrian Martes, Editor

One day during lunch I saw someone trading with another student for another slice of pizza. This is when I realized there was a problem, that students aren’t getting enough lunch at school.

 I interviewed an 8th grader, Tyler Krupa, a fellow classmate. I asked him if we needed more lunch at school and he replied, “Yes, we need more food because we have very small portions.”I then asked him if he was more focused in class when he has a full stomach or when he’s hungry. 

 He said being full made him “more focused” and if he could change something about lunch is the option to get seconds. 

Later, I interviewed Nathan, a 6th grader. He said the amount of lunch was “fine” and he would change nothing about lunch. What I find very interesting is an 8th grader says he needs more food, but a 6th grader is content about his amount of food. 

 Lastly, I interviewed Mr. Thompson, WMS health teacher, about if we needed more lunch. He said yes because “we need more options.” I then asked him if he could change anything about lunch and he said “we needed more time and variety.” 

 He also told me lunch starts at a good time. I then asked what the school does to promote healthy eating and he said “not enough”. 

 Some students realized that on some days we get more than enough lunch, but it needs to be more consistent. 

 In conclusion, 8th graders need more lunch but in all we need more variety like more fruits and vegetables.