Edinson Cavani’s Intangibles


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Mateo Correa, Contributor

Edinson Cavani is a Uruguayan professional soccer player who plays striker for Manchester United. He is an underrated player and fans don’t appreciate him enough. The manager doesn’t use him enough and sometimes doesn’t use him correctly on the field.  “Manchester United is one of the greatest clubs in the world, so it is a real honor to be here. I’ve worked really hard during the time off and I feel eager to compete and represent this incredible club.”  – Cavani. This shows that Cavani appreciates his team a lot, and that Manchester United should appreciate him back. 

Hard Worker 

Cavani deserves more respect than he gets. He puts a lot of effort on the field when he plays.  Hard work is often a difficult metric to measure, however, in Cavani’s case, it is obvious that he is the hardest worker on the pitch.  He is always on the run, trying to make plays connecting passes. Passing the ball is the key that leads to goals. Cavani passes the ball a lot because he thinks of soccer as a team sport and by passing, it gets the team closer to scoring.

Cavani is always willing to do more and his intensity is a real desire to win. He has a lot of intelligence on the field and makes good plays. When he plays, he constantly shows confidence and flow. He has intelligence because he doesn’t always force plays to work out. He has patience and waits for the right time. Although he doesn’t play much time, he still scores and makes assists and makes good plays. I think he should be playing more because he makes things happen on the field. He makes plays, connects passes, scores goals, and more.

Positive Mindset

Cavani has a positive mindset and attitude. He always helps his teammates to cheer up in the bad times, and encourages them to do their best and to do more. He brings power, energy, leadership and a great mentality to the squad.  But most importantly, he will bring goals, which brings wins. He makes smart decisions on the field and he is a team player. 

Team Chemistry

Team chemistry is something that cannot be overstated and Cavani creates a lot of team chemistry. He has a lot of team chemistry because he is always connecting well with his teammates and he never argues on and off the field with his teammates. He does not allow negative comments or anything like that because he knows that it will lower the team’s morale.

 When one player’s morale goes down, then he doesn’t play with all of his effort and then that drops the other player’s morale. When they are not doing well and the player may give up then that just makes the whole team fall down and give up, which leads to losses. 

Positive Comments 

When another player messes up in any way, instead of judging them and being rude, Cavani tells them what to do better next time and assures them. For example, one day I was watching Cavani play in the Premier League for Manchester United.  One of his teammates messed up a pass and he just told him “next time make it better” and “come on we have to win this”

Also the opponent scored and Cavani said, “It’s fine, it’s fine don’t give up, we have to keep trying let’s go.” That way they don’t have a negative attitude and they can keep working and try to improve. 

In real games I see him helping the players with hand movements and with his own voice to encourage them

Cavani is definitely underrated, and people need to see him in a different light. He also deserves more time and respect from the fans and everyone one in particular. Moreover, fans should see him as a leader, a good teammate and more. Cavani has all qualifications to be on this team and he has everything it takes to be on the field most of the time.  If you watch the clip below, you will see his intangibles   

Watch this video to see Cavani’s smart plays: