Subways Series


Gavin Slicner

Subway Series: Mets Stadium Photo Via: Gavin Slicner

Gavin Slicner, Editor

Gavin Slicner, a member of The Warrior Messenger, made the most of his Summer making the highlight of his Summer when going to the Subway series.

Slicner and his friends made the decision to all go to a Mets versus Yankees Subway Series game in early September and boy was it a blast. Gavin, being a Mets fan, really enjoyed the game with the Mets winning, but his Yankees friends weren’t very happy that night due to the Yankees devastating loss.

Our trip to the game was more than just the game, we made countless everlasting memories. From the train rides, to getting baseballs, and just enjoying each other’s company is really what was the spotlight of the show.


The game itself was a blast we saw Francisco Lindor blast a home run, got 2 toss up baseballs from Corey Kluber and Nestor Cortez, but most of all we met a guy in one of the top decks named Zack, he was a Mets fan himself and made the experience ten times better. Zack screamed “I’m going to do it” and flicked a Gatorade bottle cap onto the field landing inches away from Joey Gallo.


“Memories that aren’t meant to happen are the best ones’ ‘ that is what our friend’s dad said and he couldn’t have said it better. The only thing that was a bummer about the whole trip is we got home at 3 am and I had to wake up at 6 am for a baseball tournament.