What if the White Army won the Russian Civil War?

TJ, Editor

n 1914 the Great War started. It had become inevitable at that point and Russia got involved. Tzar Nicholas was incompitent the point where most of the gains made by Germany were on the Eastern Front. There was a mass food shortage and the people had enough.

They had a mass protest and the military joined them. Tzar Nicholas resigned and the provisional democratic government was established. They thought the Eastern front could still be won, this made their reputation drop to 0% immediately. The Germans exploited this by sending Vladimir Lenin to Russia to establish Communism. He Promises: Peace, Land and Bread. Peace means to exit WW1. Land meant redistribution of land to the peasants and workers. You probably know what Bread means but I will tell you anyway. It means food!

He set up an authoritarian dictatorship and some people took notice. They formed a resistance group called the White Army to take out Lenin. This resistance group was really diverse in ideologies and classes. There were Socialists, Monarchists who wanted the Tzar back, People who supported Capitalism, Peasants, Nobles and many more. But the only thing holding them together was that the Bolsheviks had to go. The people who supported the Bolsheviks were known as the Red Army.

As you can tell from a map from the 20th Century it says USSR instead of Russia; Because the Red Army won. But if the outside world got involved, The Whites would have a bigger chance of winning the war.

This would mean that the Bolsheviks would flee into a temporary exile. The Whites establish a Monarchy with an American style of separated government. back in Russia. Since Germany is having a hyperinflation crisis Lenin decides that is where the bolsheviks will go.

All is quiet until 1939 when Czechloslovakia was being invaded, Lenin wasn’t alive so Trotsky led the resistance against Fascism. Thus starting the German Civil War (1939-1943). Britain and France supported the communist rebels while Italy, Japan and Russia supported the Fascists. There was also a Czech Faction and Austrian one that were never supported and eventually reconquered. The Fascist eventually won out. 

When it turned out that the Fascists won, the UK and France declared war in 1943. This is because they didn’t need to prepare for a war due to the fact that Germany destroyed its infrastructure and made life in Germany WAY worse. It is now France, The UK and Poland vs Germany, Spain and Russia.

The communists in France rallied up a revolt for entering another war that it could have stayed out of. This is the start of the French Civil War (1943-1948). This was mostly funded by Germany to make France fall earlier.  Italy joined the axis because this makes it look like the Axis were going to win. Spains pulled out of the war due to not having an enemy to fight. 

Italy can’t get help from Germany, so Albania is freed from Mussolini by Greece. Since bad results in war cause ideologies to crack, Italy has a revolution and is split into two, North Italy as a Fascist puppet of Hitler and South Italy set up by the Brits as a protectorate. San Marino and Vatican city are annexed by their neighbors because the armies didn’t know what else to do with them. They become semi-autonomous zones.

Russia eventually had another civil war (1945-1949). It was fought between the Polish and Baltic rebels vs the Russian state. Then Japan declared war on Russia, joining the allies and abandoning China; which turned it into the first communist country. Russia eventually surrendered because the Japanese got so far into Siberia that they couldn’t be ignored anymore and they didn’t want to fight a 3 front war. The fronts are in Poland, Japanese Siberia and The Baltics.

Pearl Harbor still happens, Making the US an axis member. Island hopping Japan and eventually nuking them. Then the UK decides to blockade them because Winston Churchill thinks it’s inevitable. The USA had eventually come to Europe and the UK was forced to surrender.

Germany had been using less direct means to win the war because they couldn’t fight it using military strength alone. They also milked Norway and Sweden for reindustrialization. They also used North Italy for war materials and soldiers. So, Hiter received Denmark and Czechoslovakia only. Russia got Siberia back. The UK and Japan would give all of its colonies independence. Fascist North Italy would become democratic and the south would stay independent as “Territorial Reparations.” Also the Communists won the French Civil War but they fell apart for the same reasons as in our timeline.

The UK never gets the chance to partition India into multiple countries But will go down the Socialist path and become a client of China. This is because the British forced India to only make tanks and other things like that; They resorted to producing military equipment for China in return for money. This would also act as a deterrent for a western invasion.

Both India and China would slowly move away from Socialism/Communism and towards Capitalism. India would stay Capitalist while Xi Jinping would undo the progress of Jiang Zemin. China probably wouldn’t have the same economic ties with China because the Cold War would be China vs The US instead of The Soviet Union vs The US. But the most important thing is that the Cold war would end in 1989 because that is when Jiang Zemin came to power. There would be a 2nd Cold War started by Xi Jinping like he is doing in our timeline.

In conclusion, history could have been WAY different if the White Army had won the Russian Civil War. It probably might be less different from our timeline than is this article. But it is fun to speculate.