Civil War 2

TJ, Editor

BANG! That’s what I woke up to, I checked my phone to see it was an attempted assination on President Gorge McCarthy! Someone called the ambulance that arrived five minutes later. By the time it did, you could see his supporters going berserk on TV. This had been boiling over for about a year and a month now. I got my gun ready for the mob because they shouldn’t be underestimated.

Eventually someone bailed out the assassin. This caused protesters and counter-protesters to clash near my house. People were looting stores for weapons. You can tell that this is where it gets ugly. Bullets were flying in every direction, people were stabbing each other with broken glass and bottles, someone went as far as to hit people on the head with a fire extinguisher.

I stayed inside my house in hopes they would ignore me if I didn’t get their attention. Once the battlefield was cleared I decided to inspect what was left of our town. This could have been all avoided if McCarthy never ran for president. There was someone over there. Once I came over to him I said, 

“Are you ok?” 

“Yes, I am,” he replied.  Fortunately someone called 911 and they arrived in time to save him. 

“This will be in the history books for sure!” a cop stated, 

“I agree.” replied the fireman next to him. My phone rang, it was my mom calling me! 

“Charlie, are you okay?” she said 

“I’m ok” I replied. Our conversation was eventually interrupted with a notification that said “Riot breaks out at the Maryland Mall!” I got in my car and drove off.

 Once I arrived the riot had ended. The parking lot was a mess. Every car had at least 15 dents and 1 broken window. A few cars were on fire, one of them eventually exploded. THAT almost gave me a heart attack. I could smell the fire and blood. I decided to check if one of the cars was still capable of sounding the alarm, so I hit it. To my surprise it actually sounded the alarm.

I could almost hear all the screaming, glass breaking, fire sounds and explosions of smoke bombs. The inside was equally sickening. First of all, most of the windows were broken. A sale sign was hanging from one string and on fire. That was one of the four light sources. The other three being the fires outside, my flashlight and the burning parts from the car that exploded. There were toys, clothes, shoes and anything else you could think of. The things that were on fire acted as a light source.  After inspecting the first floor I went up the escalator-in-name-only. It stopped working so I walked up it like you would with stairs. The second floor was ok apart from everything in the building being dark. But then there was the sound of glass breaking.

It was the mob. I turned around and rushed to the “window.” The violence was all the way up to 11.

“How am I going to get down now?” I muttered. I could just call 911 but I left my phone in the car. So, the best thing to do was to wait for it to blow over. “Stay calm Charlie, it’s going to be okay.” I told myself as I started to meditate. But then “CRASH!” I jolted up to see if it was my car. Fortunately, It was NOT my car. But they were getting worryingly close to mine. I was like “What in the millions of years of human history do I do now?” So, the only things left to do are to let them possibly destroy my car and I lose my only way home, or get the mob’s attention. Getting the mob’s attention would give me a 1% chance of survival, but letting them destroy my car is a 0% chance of survival. So I took the path of getting their attention.

“Hey, stop!” I yelled, getting their attention. They immediately rushed towards me. But they quickly forgot about me and started fighting each other again. Since I entered through the North entrance, I made my way out through the East entrance. Then I tip-toed to my car. They didn’t notice me somehow. Once I got to my car, I got inside, and called the police. Once they arrived they rounded them up and put them in their cars then drove off.

Overall the repair cost was $500,000 (rounded to the nearest 100,000.)