PvZ DS: PC Port

TJ, Editor

Notice: This game is not real!

CHAPTER 1 (Introduction):

I was looking through eBay for something to add to my Christmas wish list. It was quite short and felt incomplete. Suddenly, it caught my attention, the clear PVZ DS port to the PC. Apparently, someone made it to sell it for profit. I quickly added it to my wishlist and when Christmas came around, it went straight into my PC. Before I continue further, anyone who needs an idea of what the original game looks like can search it up on their own.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSzqybl2hdk

When the game booted up it started flickering, but I ignored it because my computer (PC) was garbage. That means it is very slow. The first level was the same; one lane and where you use peashooters to take out zombies. The first five levels were the same, except you received plants in this order: Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall-nut, Potato-mine and Cabbage-pult. 

Peashooter shoots peas at the zombies but is very weak. Sunflowers produce sun to set-up your lawn defense quicker. Wall-nut is a wall that slows down zombies with being hard to break. Potato-mine needs time to come up, but it takes out zombies immediately. Cabbage put is a peashooter that can go over obstacles. Once you unlock Cabbage-pult it takes you to the world map. 

The game introduced Crazy Dave, but I will call him Dave for short. Then they introduced Penny, the time traveling robot van. Dave eats a taco and then decides to go back in time to “re-eat” the taco. 

They go back in time and get to the next world that is Ancient Egypt. So they realise they went too far back and need time travel oil. It is an SCP that allows cars to time travel. Somehow the US government didn’t invade and take it; probably because the SCP foundation won’t let them. 

I completed the first two levels where I unlocked Shadow-Shroom and Torchwood. Shadow-Shroom slowly deteriorates the zombies that are on it’s tile. Torchwood sets peas on fire to double the damage. This also adds splash damage of 1×1. 

Level 3 introduces the sun stealers and graves. Beating this level awarded me Bonk Choy, Snow-pea and Grave Buster. Bonk Choy hits zombies on the tile in front of him and behind him repeatedly, the difference between the OG version and this one is that it has way more durability. Snow-pea shoots peas that are frozen to freeze zombies but doesn’t do damage. Snow-pea has a very slow firing rate. Grave Buster removes graves and costs 0 sun.

I will now list the prices of the plants acquired so far:

  • Peashooter – 100 sun.
  • Sunflower – 50 sun.
  • Wal-nut – 50 sun.
  • Potato-mine – 25 sun.
  • Cabbage-pult – 150 sun.
  • Shadow Shroom – 50 sun.
  • Torchwood – 50 sun.
  • Bonk Choy – 150 sun.
  • Snow Pea – 250 sun.

There isn’t any more, This is just a promotion.