What if Fort Sumter never happened? (Alternate History Part 2)



The blue is union, the red is confederate

TJ, Editor

Part 4:

Teddy was against the harsh punishments on Germany, so the Confederacy had to pay a lot less in reparations to the point where the South won’t have an elected fashist dictator. But the new government was Marxist, so it doesn’t matter.


Part 5:

The South went through a 5 year plan where the government imported the things they needed to industrialize. The decision to import instead of making them inside of the country prevented mass starvation. With the government against having self sufficiency they prefer trading for resources. 


Part 6:

After WW2, The Confederacy was a major player in world politics. Being the country that represented the non-aligned movement. Intervening in the 3rd world to keep countries neutral. They do this through establishing puppet governments that stay neutral in the Cold war. But they did get funding from the Soviets.


Part 7: Ending

Unlike China, Yugoslavia and Albania, The Communist Confederacy was anti-soviet. But under Khrushchev the South became more pro-soviet. But under Gorbachev, They became allies. After the fall of Communism, the South was isolated, So the CSA had no choice but to accept reunification under the North.