Rankings of Netflix Shows


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Abigail Barton, Editor

  1.  13 Reasons Why- This show really gives a great insight into the way bullying can affect people in different ways. It shows how bullying is treated.
  2.  Grand Army- This mini series is kind of like 13 Reasons Why. It’s an amazing series because it shows teen struggles in life. For example insecurities of teen boys or girls, maybe even having to take care of your family at a young age when you should be enjoying your life.
  3. Alexa & Katie- This show makes me happy to see the loyalty of best friends and how much they care for each other. It kinda makes you jealous of wanting to have such an amazing bond with someone.
  4.  Ginny & Georgia- This show would make you excited and mad a little bit and I think that’s great to make the viewers more interested.cense