The Fashion Statement: Skater girl/Skater guy aesthetic


Lexi Morales

VANS COLLECTION: Here is some examples of vans

Lexi Morales, Author

There are a lot of different trends and styles of clothing. Skater girl/guy is one of the trendiest ones. If you like this style I’m going to tell you the best ways to transition. First I would start with shoes. Vans are the best place to get skater shoes they’re not excessively expensive and have cool designs. Thrifting is probably the best thing you can do to change your style on a budget.Now for shirts and pants you will have to find graphic t-shirts and sweatpants/jeans. Popular brands are thrasher and santa cruz. Accessories you can find anywhere and popular ones are chains and of course you will need a stateboard. You can find a skateboard at Tillys or any skate shop.

SKATER ATTIRE: Here is an exaple of a shirt in this aesthetic (Lexi Morales)