Ranking Favorite Shows


Nigel Mangal

Photo via https://pixahive.com/photo/tv-shows-2/ Under The Creative Commons License

Nigel Mangal, Editor

  1. Euphoria: I put this show at #1 because it was a really good show and I liked the plot. The acting was amazing in this show.
  2. American Horror Story: This show isn’t even scary, the intros are more scary then the actual show. I loved this show because for each season, the plot is great and interesting. All different characters for each season which makes it even better.
  3. The 100: This show is amazing. I feel like it should be tied with #2 because of how amazing it is. I really liked the acting and the characters in this show. 
  4. Wandavision: The power this show has is immaculate. It’s a really good show and I loved the finale. Spoiler alert, The finale shows Scarlet Witch’s powers more than any episode. 
  5. Stranger Things: I really loved how they are all kids in this show and how the plot is. I’m really curious as to how season 4 will turn out.