Surprising Family Pets


Ioannis G. Xidias

THE CURIOUS BUNNY This cute 3-month-old bunny is a pet of 8th Grader Yianni Xidias; he and his family love her very much.

Ioannis G. Xidias, Fall Editor

Families and kids who love animals and want them as pets! Have you ever thought of getting an animal NOT from a pet shelter such as a dog shelter? Let’s say a bunny from a farm? A chicken? A turkey? Well let me tell you something, I can relate. I’m not here to make fun, because for the past three-plus years my sister has been asking for a pet bunny. So for her past birthday when she turned 12, my grandparents got her a bunny and brought her to my house. Now we have a little white rabbit/bunny (whatever you want to call it) named Ruby living in our home.  It’s a lot of work keeping up with it and it’s the cleaning and playing needs, but it’s still super fun to chase her around and play with her. Let me tell you something. If you get a pet bunny and introduce yourself to it as if you were to a dog, it will get used to you and won’t bite. They also LOVE cardboard. So whatever your pet might be: a rabbit, farm animal, dog or cat, dessert animal, or so on, remember that they are like a human, but need a bit more attention.