Listen For The Sound – Apple Accessibility Settings

Photo via: under the Creative Commons Licenses

Ioannis G. Xidias, Editor

Trust me when I say that everyone has had accidents. Not car accidents when you crash or accidentally taking a #1 on yourself. No, I’m talking about accidents like finding a dog without a collar barking for its owner and you feel so bad for it you take it with you, care for it for a few days, and then make posters and put them all around town to find the owner. Accidents like a leak or a sink running water unexpectedly or a siren/smoke alarm going off somewhere nearby. Maybe there is an appliance not working and goes off. 


Whatever the case may be, there is a way to let you know that this is happening. Whoever reads this small story, who has an Apple iPhone or iPad? If you have an android, I’m not sure about those but on Apple iPads and iPhones, there is a setting in Accessibility called SOUND RECOGNITION that lets you know what is going off in your home or in an area that the iPad or iPhone can hear and is near. Basically, you go to the setting and select what you want the device to hear for, and in the area it’s in, it will use its mic to listen for this noise. 


Say your room is next to the bathroom and you are taking a shower or your mom left the sink running and went to the bathroom by mistake. If your device is near that area and it could hear the water running, it will notify you that water is running. If you select the setting to let you know when the doorbell rang/rings, it will hear the bell and notify you when it went off. I think you get my point. It uses the mic to let you know what is happening. It doesn’t tell you where or really what to do, but it tells you when and what it was heard. So try it out and I hope you enjoyed this little Tech Tip.