Port Reading Fire House receives grant of oxygen masks for our four legged friends!


Sarah Rasimowicz

Chief Kurt Delibero with his set of oxygen masks!

Sarah Rasimowicz, Spring Author

Family pets often have a “ruff” time getting out of the house in an emergency. That’s why Port Reading Fire Company received a set of oxygen masks, perfectly shaped for animals!

 Chief Kurt Delibero applied Port Reading Fire House for animal shaped oxygen masks. In the event of a fire, pets can be seriously injured. Delibero “went through a company called ‘Canine Company’,” a program they use for first responders and their fire houses.

 “All of the volunteers are trained” in using the masks but Delibero explained how he is the only one from the fire company trained in pet CPR and pet first aid.

 Delibero knows these masks existed, but didn’t know the company was donating them in the way they did. The masks “were donated at no cost to anyone, right to us”.

 He said he was “happy” when his application was accepted and stated “being a pet owner, I know it’s a good feeling knowing that this department has this so, God forbid, the case we need to rescue a dog or an animal we have the tools to take care of them and save them.”

Delibero explained how the PRFD has PETS INSIDE decals for residents of the town to let them know what pets are inside in the event of a fire. Residents “can come during the day” and get one. These decals should be placed in the glass part of someone’s front door. Residents can fill out the decal checking the boxes next to the pet or pets they have and write how many of that animal they have. This allows firefighters to know how many animals that are in need of saving.

 To donate to this cause you can visit the Woodbridge Animal Shelter or Woodbridge Animal Hospital. Supporting Woodbridge’s animals will leave you feline good!


Woodbridge Animal Shelter


Woodbridge Animal Hospital