They’re making a run for it!!

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They’re making a run for it!!

Matie Jones

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The Woodbridge Warrior Boys Cross-Country is getting ready to kickoff their cross-country season to compete and to win against other schools for the championship title .

The Woodbridge Middle School team consists of thirty well-built runners who are all competing against each other for the top seven spots; the top seven people from each school in the district meet at the championship. The Championship is at the end of this five-race-season. Their first race they beat Avenel by 15-50, the lowest score wins the game.

Coach Eubanks is extremely hyped about this season. “Championship or bust,” Is his goal for this years cross country team . Coach Eubanks , explains that “My confidence is overflowing like a shaken up bottle of soda.” He also states that he feels that his team has a lot of talent and the guys put in a lot of hard work. He also analyzed how he liked being coach of the boys team, “I enjoy it every year.”

A few of the boys on the cross-country team, Jamir Brown and Charles Crook , are some of the top runners on the team .

Jamir Brown has high expectations for his season, “This season I feel as if we should go undefeated.” Brown went on to discuss the team’s confidence level, stating that “We’re going to go to the championship and we’re going to win it , we got all top runners.” Brown explained his first race and how he felt about it, “ I think I’m doing good; came in third last race. I ran 9 Minutes and 39 seconds. I’m still improving. We are going to have ups and downs as a team but we are going to bounce back .”

Charles Crook also has high expectations for his team. Crook explains that he feels like him and his team has a “very, very x25” good season ahead of them. Crook also said “I feel I’m doing very good right now.” He went on to discuss his first race, “Our fires race I feel we did good but I almost fell at the end because I was running to fast.”

Good luck to the boys cross country team and good luck with the season ahead!!

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