Shayna Mangal, Fall Editor

Subnautica is a first person adventure survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

Your character has crash landed on an alien planet surrounded by ocean. They are the only survivor from the ship, the Aurora. You have to survive the dangers of the aquatic planet. The basic difficulty you can play in is survival, but there are three other modes: hardcore, creative, and freedom mode.

There are tons of different creatures. The biggest and most dangerous ones are the ghost leviathan, reaper leviathan, and sea dragon leviathan. The largest fauna is the sea emperor leviathan, who is passive and can only be found in the primary containment facility aquarium. Other aggressive creatures include the warper, mesmer, crab squid, and sand sharks.

There are also many biomes to explore. When you get deeper into the ocean, you can find biomes such as the lost river and the inactive lava zone. There are abandoned laboratories to explore as well. They provide data as to what happened on the planet.

The objective of the game is to escape the planet. But there are things stopping you from doing that. There is a virus called the Kharaa disease that has infected you and all of the fauna. There is also a giant laser that shot down the Aurora and any ship that tries to enter the planet.

You have to get the enzyme from the sea emperor leviathan that can cure the virus and then disable the laser. Then you will be able to build a rocket ship and escape.

This game is currently an early access, but will be released on January 23.