• March 12The Spring Chorus Concert is on 5/21, mark your calendars

  • March 12Music in The Parks Competition Trip on 5/17

  • March 12Women’s Chorus performance at NJHS Induction in the auditorium on 3/20 at 5:45

The Warrior Messenger

Rachelle Estinvil
Rachelle Estelia Estinvil is a thirteen year old girl who is in 8th grade. She has a passion for dancing. She also likes writing, running, and reading.  Rachelle’s favorite musical band is BTS and BLACKPINK; she supports them with all her heart and hopes to meet them one day. Her favorite food is steak and her favorite dessert is cheesecake and fried oreos. Her favorite color is lavender. Rachelle enjoys watching the shows Run BTS!, BLACKPINK HOUSE, Riverdale, and Andi Mack. Rachelle’s favorite movie is searching and Crazy Rich Asians. She secretly hopes to get into an Ivy League college in the future.

Rachelle Estinvil, Fall Editor

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