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Kadence Mastrola
Kadence Mastrola is a 7th grade student. She enjoys going to Walt Disney World and watching Disney movies.  Her favorite Disney character is Donald Duck. She likes him because she can relate to him by how angry he always gets. Kadence Mastrola loves gymnastics and says she’s good at it. She can do back flips and front flips. Kadence loves food. Her favorite foods are crab, steak, and french fries. Her favorite movies are The Greatest Showman, Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again! and Clueless .  She loves photography and loves taking pictures of flowers. Kadence Mastrola loves to write her own stories. She is not like any other person.  Kadence Mastrola loves to boss around her siblings0.. She can’t stand when people call her Kandice, or say her name wrong. Her favorite class is language arts and hopes to succeed and do better in that class.

Kadence Mastrola, Fall Author

Nov 15, 2018
Mr. Murphy is awarded September teacher of the month (Story)
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