• April 3Girls trying out for volleyball tryouts are Tuesday, April 9 at Fords Middle School

  • April 3Girls trying out for the volleyball team this year papers are due this Friday April 5

  • March 28Boys needed for the boys volleyball team!!! See Mr.Murphy for more details.

The Warrior Messenger

Jeffrey Deleon Vaca
Jeffrey Deleon Vaca is a 12 year old 7th grade good guy. He loves playing volleyball. His favorite things to watch on Netflix are Good Place,New Girl, The Office, and Drop Dead Diva. He loves staying in his home with a blanket around him with a good movie on TV or a good book in hand. He reads a lot of manga and loves to watch anime; his favorite animes are Naruto, SAO, Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy tale. He loves going to Knoebels; he goes there every year with his family to camp also he likes to hike.Traveling is one of the most exciting things to do. His favorite part of summer for him is going to hurricane harbor. That’s what he loves; the rush of of going down the slide and then all of a sudden feeling the drop into the water. Between all the rush and the wanting to travel, this is Jeffrey’s life.      


Jeffrey Deleon vaca, Fall Author

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