• April 3Girls trying out for volleyball tryouts are Tuesday, April 9 at Fords Middle School

  • April 3Girls trying out for the volleyball team this year papers are due this Friday April 5

  • March 28Boys needed for the boys volleyball team!!! See Mr.Murphy for more details.

The Warrior Messenger

Anvita Sinha
Anvita Sinha is a 7th grader in Woodbridge Middle School. She’s a bookworm, artist-in-training, anime lover, and high-brown belt in karate. She is slowly learning how to play the piano一very slowly. She was born in India and can speak Hindi, something she is very proud of. Anvita lives with her younger sister and parents. She aspires to be an astrophysicist一still up for debate, of course.

Anvita hopes that she interests you with some of her articles and welcomes you to her bio.

Anvita Sinha, Spring Author

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