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The Warrior Messenger

Amanda Del Monte
Amanda Del Monte is a 13 year old 7th Grader here at WMS. She loves football and her favorite NFL teams are the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers. She also likes NASCAR racing. She went out of the country to Bermuda. Del Monte loves to write stories that she makes up in her head. She likes to play video games. Her favorite video games are MarioKart ⅞ and wii, Minecraft, Skyrim and Madden 17. Hanging out with her friends is her favorite thing to do. Seeing her friends make her happy. She may be 13, but that does not stop her from acting like child. Del Monte loves to make people laugh, because one laugh can make someone’s day. She loves summer and her favorite places to go are the beach, Great Wolf Lodge and Six Flags. Del Monte is a daredevil; she goes on all rollercoasters, rides and waterslides, even if they are 230 feet tall.

Amanda Del Monte, Spring Author

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