• October 21Halloween Dance - November 1st
  • October 21Softball Playoffs - October 21st
  • October 21Girls Basketball Tryouts - Wednesday, Oct. 30th

The Warrior Messenger

Volleyball Team Roster Coming Thursday, April 11, 2019

Madison Rackett, Spring Editor

April 11, 2019

According to Mr.Murphy, "the team roster will be up at 7:01 on Thursday April 11, 2019. On national puppy day and after I have eaten my second cold Girl Scout thin mint, no earlier."

Boys Cross Country

Glen Cantalupo, Spring Author

March 28, 2019

Mr. Eubanks is the coach of the most successful sports team to ever come through Woodbridge Middle and he now holds an undefeated record of 24-0 and hopes to continue his reign. All papers for Boys Cross Country are due Tomorrow,...

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