Band Checkup


8th grade A day band class getting ready for the up coming spring concert

Alexandra Valentine, Spring Editors

Spring flowers blooming, tubas booming, and conductor’s arms moving; the Spring Concert is almost here ladies and gents. With only a few more weeks of practice left before the concert, the jazz band and concert bands and trying their best to make every piece sound pitch perfect.    

Along with the Spring concert, the 7th and 8th grade band is attending competition, representing WMS. A big topic revolving around spring band is if the band will be ready by competition. “I think they definitely can”, said Mrs. Manneri, the band teacher at WMS. “I think this year is hectic so we’re not progressing as quickly as we have in the past, but I think that’s because we don’t have things like lunch where you can get some extra help”.

Cristina McNish, the 7th and 8th grade band’s “co-president” says that the band can work on “being more responsible with their instruments and music and being prepared”. Concerts bring on stress for some of the students at WMS. Stephany Beresford says that she “listens to music” before any concert to calm her nerves. “Doesn’t really bother me that much”, says Zachary cook, a trumpet playing 6th grader.

The band really comes together when everybody practices and devotes their time. 7th grader, Andrew Franco, said he feels that the band would progress better if everyone was adamant about the band. “The band is progressing, people practice and everything, but they have to like it. Some people just do it, but they don’t really like it”,Franco is referring to people feeling that they have to be in band instead of feeling like a part of the band.   

Come support the band on May 14th for the spring concert!