Charging up



Noemi Grande, Fall Editor

Ms.Dudley runs the unofficial tech club on Tuesdays and digital literacy class showing her love for technology through teaching.
Ms.Dudley is a language arts teacher who is passionate about technology. She hasn’t always been into technology. When she was younger, her life was all about basketball.Later on in her life she started getting interested in technology. Her biggest interest is software development, “using a program to enhance online learning.” “We learn how to change systems and make systems more dynamic .”

Tech club is an “organized tech based club for students who are really interested in technology.” The beginning of the club was to gauge everyone’s interest in technology.Examples such a digital art,website development,and game development. “From a standpoint as a teacher I’m interested to explore their passions as it relates to technology.” The club is mainly about understanding coding and how it works while exploring more diversity in technology.

Ms.Dudley has three tips for coding; the first one being “have vision see it before it’s there.” Second is ask good questions.” Third is “learn on the fly.”
Her inspiration to starting the club is for students to “learn about the benefits of coding.” She wants students to be aware of technology and how its evolving. “Technology provides a space for people to be creative.”She wished she knew about technology earlier.

Digital Literacy is a class where students learn how to work on software on deeper level.Her opinion on software is, “software changes how you do things on a regular day.” Students utilize software and understand it’s benefits and cons.

Harry Hosier a member in Tech club interested in game development.With the help of Ms.Dudley he is currently creating a role playing game. He says, “it’s an elemental adventure, you can choose different types of elements/colors,not only the four main elements but different types.”

One of the other members of Tech Club, Justin T. Mesa, is interested in coding. He has been using CodeAcademy. His method of learning is by taking notes. Ms.Dudley joins him at times learning new things together. “We were given this function,we thought we knew it meant but it was something totally different.”

In Digital Literacy people are creating websites such as new technology or custom made shoes.The class helps kids in the future to “be able to think critically and have a greater scope.”

People don’t have to know all about technology to join tech club or digital literary just an open mind ready to learn new things.